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Flower Walls & Backdrops

These are base prices before any customizations & fees


Extra lush - Thousands of blooms 

White & ivory roses and hydrangea flowers

4ft wide x 7ft tall $250

8ft wide x 7ft tall $450

Can add custom border


This wall will make you blush! Thousands of blooms, extra lush!

4ft wide x 7ft tall $250

8ft wide x 7ft tall $450

Comes as is


Cream roses

4ft wide x 7ft tall $250

8ft wide x 7ft tall $450

Comes as is


Extra lush and full roses, hydrangea and green foliage 

4ft long x 7ft tall $250

8ft long x 7ft tall $450

Comes as is

Secret Garden

Lush greenery wall with white flowers

4ft wide x 7ft tall $250

8ft wide x 7ft tall $450

Comes as is


All red full bloom roses

4ft wide x 8ft tall $250

8ft wide x 8ft tall $450

Comes as is


Lush jungle wall

3ft wide x 8ft tall $195

6ft wide x 8ft tall $390

9ft wide x 8ft tall $585

12ft wide x 8ft tall $780

Can be customized

Classic hedge wall

3ft wide x 8ft tall $120

6ft wide x 7ft tall $240

9ft wide x 7ft tall $360

12ft wide x 7ft tall $480

Can be customized

Shimmer Wall


7ft wide 7ft tall $300

Shiplap Wall

8ft wide x 8ft tall $275

Floral arbor

Full coverage 8x8 $450

Flowers across top & 1/2 of 2 sides $300

Flowers across top & down 1 side $300

Flowers across top only $150

Flowers across top & flowers at draping tie backs $230

Draping can be added for an additional cost.

Can be customized

White flowers Infinity $315

Greenery Infinity $225

Can be customized

Flower rows

Add a GORGEOUS flower row to your aisle or fireplace!

Starting at $10.50 per 2ft

Can be customized


Add any color, any kind of flowers to an existing backdrop! Put your own personal twist to it! Your imagination is the limit!

Contact us for pricing and availability dates. Customization starting at only $50!

Don't see what you're looking for? No worries we're always looking to add to our inventory. We do need a minimum of 6 months for new walls to ensure it's completed in time.


How long do I have with my backdrop rental? They’re considered day rentals. It doesn’t matter if you rent them for 2 hours or 10 hours the price stays the same because the labor is the same.

Can I have my backdrop outside? Yes, as long as you notify us prior to your event. We secure the flower wall, but we’re not responsible if it falls down. We cannot control mother nature’s high winds.

Can I hang a sign? Yes, we will install it for free.

How far in advance should I book my backdrop? We suggest at least 4-6 weeks. It doesn’t mean we won’t have your backdrop if it’s less than the days suggested.

Can you add balloons to the flower wall? Yes, we can customize your event. Email us to provide you a quote.

Flower Walls & Backdrops: Rentals
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