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A floral centerpiece arrangement rental can transform a wedding of any budget small or large into a lavish event. Our silk flowers compete with fresh floral. When you look back at your memories you will not be able to tell the difference. Our floral arrangement rentals are pre-made and come in a variety of colors. We can modify by adding crystals, change the vase to either a metal stand or a glass vase and we can change flowers depending on the desired design.


– No wilted flowers on your big day

– Your budget has been saved on an average of 70%

– What are allergies?

– Your flower is in season every year!

We take care everything for you, from bringing your wedding floral to the venue and setting everything up to breaking it down and taking it all away after the wedding is over. And the best part, you saved so much money and the wedding looked as fabulous as it would with fresh florals.


How long is the rental for?  13 hour rental

Does it come with the centerpiece stand? You can choose from the metal stand or glass vase. 

Can I opt out from the stands you provide? Yes, and there will be a price deduction that follows.

How do I return my floral centerpieces? Our team will setup and pick up the day of.

Floral Arrangements: Rentals
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